Adult Ministries

Bible Study Small Group

All are welcome to attend this bi-weekly small group that meets at the Ford residence, starting Wednesday, September 13th and every two weeks thereafter. A study book based on Scriptural teachings will be announced as time draws nearer.  For more details, speak with Garry or Carol Ford – or contact the church.

Men’s Bible Study Dates:

The men are coming together bi-weekly in January, on Saturday mornings, starting January 13th at 8am in the gym.  We will enjoy breakfast together and studying God’s Word, as we discuss principles for living a life that is indicative of a believer’s commitment to God. The following dates are the January dates:

Sat., January 13th at 8am (free hot breakfast served)
Sat., January 27th at 8am (free continental breakfast served)

Please note: This is in place of the Sunday evenings that have taken place in 2017.  We welcome feedback on whether Saturday morning works better for you than Sunday evening, and that will determine February’s schedule.

The men also enjoy social outings, which sometimes include the women.  All such events are announced well in advance on the website calendar.

Ladies’ Bible Study

The ladies are starting a weekly Bible Study on Wednesday, February 7th at 1pm, and meeting every week thereafter.  Join us in the Youth Room as we study and discuss “A Grand New Day…It’s Not Too Late to Start Again.” which is a book from the Women of Faith Study Guide Series.